You haven't seen the last of Rory McIlroy yet. Trouble is. you haven't seen the best of him yet either.

That's the consensus from Irish observers, who are wondering what McIlroy could have done differently - or what he might change going forward - to get back on the winning track.

Irish Golf Desk’s Brian Keogh suggests McIlroy may want to shore up his putting – adding he swings his club the same way he did as an amateur, with new tweaks and refinements from coach Michael Bannon.

McIlroy’s caddie, JP Fitzgerald, is also occasionally mentioned as a factor holding back McIlroy. McIlroy’s agent Chubby Chandler put it like this:

"If you take the bits that JP does very well, it may make up for the fact that he is not the best caddie in the world. But he is certainly one of the better caddies in the world and for Rory he is definitely the best caddie in the world."

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