Irish Americans should boycott the New York Red Bulls now that Thierry Henry is coming our way.

Irish supporters have been waiting in the long grass for the announcement yesterday that Le Cheat will be signing for the Bulls and it has finally come to pass.

The long term deal will bring the French striker to New Jersey where the Red Bulls play.

He is the latest in a long line of European stars who are over the top for the major leagues but who extend their careers in America.

While soccer is thriving at underage level here in America the MLS, the major league, is about second division standard in England.

Sure there are a sprinkling of stars like Landon Donovan, but the average player is just that, average.

Some of the imports like David Beckham help popularize soccer here.

Thierry Henry may have the opposite effect.

His signing may prove to be a remarkable mistake by the Red Bull owners.

Irish Americans have long memories and they will never forget what transpired in Paris on that infamous night when Le Cheat 'handed' a World Cup berth to his team.

No wonder they did not perform at the finals proper given the bad karma the whole incident generated.

Here in New York there was more glee at France's exit than England's-- and that is saying something.

Now Henry will bring his cheating ways to America.

But Irish Americans still angry at Henry should try and organize 'Le Boycott'

Lets' go guys!