Zut alors!

Even the French think we were robbed last night in the Stade de France.

An online poll in the French newspaper Le Monde shows a staggering 80,657 French people (presumably) believe Ireland should be on their way to the World Cup.

Just 12 percent (10,998) say Les Bleus should be going to South Africa.

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And it's not just the French who are outraged.

The Swedes are positively besides themselves at Swedish referee Martin Hansson and his two Swedish assistants.

Columnists at Aftonbladet say us Irish have been insulted by the referee's failure to see the handball.

"There are approximately 80 million Irishmen around the world," said one Aftonbladet columnist. "We guarantee they all feel pretty bad today.

"But I sincerely hope there are three Swedes who feel even worse. They are Martin Hansson, Stefan Wittberg and Fredrik Nilsson.

"There will be no World Cup for Ireland, and I assume that Team Hansson has also forfeited its right to continue to take charge of major international matches. Anything else would be a further insult to the Irish nation."

Ireland has lodged an official complaint with FIFA, the international soccer governing body, but nobody seriously expects that FIFA will order a replay.

Even Irish coach Giovanni Trapattoni said he does not expect a replay.

"When a referee decides a game has finished I know it is impossible to replay the game," he said.

"This situation has to give a chance to who is responsible to rethink. It can be repeated in the future and we have to stop it."

"I will go to Fifa and advise them 'go straight to penalties'. It's better for football. I think there are mistakes in life - I've seen many situations in football but change the rules.

"I'm sure in the future they will have to do something about it. It wasn't up to Henry to say 'I touched it with my hand.'"

"All sports lose credibility with this situation - it affects the integrity of the game. For me, it's bitter. There are many questions - they changed the rules about the seeded teams, then us playing away last.

"There are many doubts that have to be eliminated. Out of the non-seeded teams we were the only ones to play the second game away - why?"