Irish rugby Captain Brian O’Driscoll is having laser surgery on his eyes. The star Irish center had one eye operated on last week and is scheduled to have the procedure on his other eye in the coming days.

"I've managed obviously with the rugby, but it might make a bit of a difference I suppose," he said.

"I've worn glasses since I was five and on Wednesday I had my first eye laser treatment and hopefully next Wednesday I'll have the second done.

"It was more from a general life point of view that I wanted to get them done, for reading and watching telly or driving, and most importantly for playing golf," continued the Leinster legend.

O’Driscoll spent a two week vacation in California with his fiancée, actress Amy Hubermann, over the summer.

The two spent a few days in San Francisco and then drove down the Californian Coast, taking in the town of Carmel before spending a week at Huntington Beach.

O’Driscoll has had a hectic season, winning the grand slam with Ireland, the European Cup with Leinster and touring South Africa with the Lions.

He also got engaged this year and had a couple of memorable musical experiences. O’Driscoll met legendary singer Bruce Springsteen a few weeks back and confessed he was completely in awe of the New Jersey singe.

However, bouncers for U.S. rock band the Kings of Leon did not recognize O’Driscoll at the Oxygen festival in Kildare a few weeks and threw him out of a viewing platform stage side after he accidentally bumped into someone.

Maybe he won't have that problem anymore once he gets both eyes done!