Ireland were outraged after Wales defeated them in the rugby international in Cardiff by 19- 13 on an illegal try.

The Welsh winning try came after they used a different ball than the match ball in a lineout-- forbidden under the rules.

The referee awarded the try despite the Irish protests but the replay clearly showed they had switched the ball.

Welsh coach Warren Gatland said the method of victory did not bother him.

He said: "It doesn't take the shine off the win for me. I don't care, we won the game.

"I can understand why Ireland are frustrated but we've had some rough decisions in the past so I'm not complaining.

"Had the referee gone to the fourth official he would have gone back to the lineout. But it doesn't mean we would not have won the game. We showed real character with our defence."

Ireland were left fuming.

Captain Brian O'Driscoll (pictured0 said: "It's extremely frustrating when a simple error has such a huge bearing on the game. People make mistakes but some are unforgivable."