The Irish international footballer at the centre of the latest Twitter super-injunction storm is maintaining his silence.

The well known footballer has been accused of an affair on the social network site.

Twitter posters have also claimed the senior player has spent thousands on a super-injunction to protect his privacy.

The Irish Independent claimed on Friday that the footballer was: “Remaining silent after allegations that he had an affair emerged on a social networking site.”

The case resembles that of Ryan Giggs, pictured, the Manchester United footballer who tried the same legal maneuver which eventually failed.

The paper reports that Twitter users took to the net to repeat the player’s name after one user unmasked him as allegedly holding a gagging order earlier this week.

The English based star has yet to break his silence on the claims according to the paper.

It also says that the international, who plays for an English club, is alleged to have taken an injunction in the UK barring the publication of his name.

The man’s partner is said to be ignorant of a brief fling with another woman during their relationship.

This is the first claim that an Irish footballer has taken out a super-injunction and follows on from the famous case involving Ryan Giggs and Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

Manchester United star Giggs tried to sue Twitter for breaching an injunction after 70,000 users named him on the social networking site.

Giggs was then outed in the House of Commons by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.

Ryan Giggs, Manchester United