No surprise really, but the first ever Irish female bobsled team are 20th out of 21 teams after the first day of the bobsled Olympic competition. So far so good for those who have compared them to the charming but no hope Jamaican bobsled team of epic memory.

The two Irish girls are three seconds behind the leading Canadians and are in a battle to avoid last place.

Just ahead of them are Australia with an 0.2 second lead. Australia had demanded they, not Ireland, fill the last slot after the qualifying rounds and were eventually allowed in alongside Ireland.

The Irish team Aoife Hoey who is 6 foot 4 in chess and the tallest woman at these Olympics, and Claire Bergin,a former Irish international sprinter were described as "sluggish' after their first run, where they finished last of all.

They improved to second last after gritting was enforced for their competitors-- just kidding.