Irish Turf Club Chief Executive Denis Egan has warned American horse breeders that because of drug use, European buyers have lost interest in buying the offspring of American stallions.He was speaking in New York.

He was particularly critical of race day medication Lasix,allegedly to stop horses bleeding but which many experts believe is a masking agent for other drugs

“They believe the genetic pool has been damaged,” Egan said. “Not only bleeders but horses with wind problems are being bred and they’re passing on those traits.”

“The view in Ireland is that racing in the U.S. is tainted because of the use of drugs in racing. … That is the perception in Ireland. Whether we’re right or wrong, that is the perception in Ireland at the moment,” Egan said, adding that .... “If the U.S. is serious about the breed, it should eliminate Lasix now.”

Egan said ending Lasix use was critical for the future of American racing and stated that until it was eliminated there would be no confidence in buying American stallions or their offspring.