There is something about Irish coaches and the Super Bowl.

Mike McCarthy is hankering to be the third Irish coach in just four years to win America's most valuable sporting trophy.

He would be following in the footsteps of Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants and Sean Peyton of the New Orleans Saints.

If you want to look back further Bill Parcels was Bill O'Shea before he was adopted.

What is it that makes Irish Americans such good coaches?

Part of it is that they keep it simple. They are usually men of faith, with a straightforward view of the world. Tom Coughlin once studied to be a priest

They have the Irish ethos of hard work, don't stand out, stand up when you are called on and give it all for the team.

They are also good leaders of men, who have a gambler's instinct --remember Sean Peyton's call for an onside kick to start the second half last year?

That was a thrilling victory for the Saints, but perhaps the most extraordinary coaching job was Tom Coughlin beating the unbeaten New England Patriots in the super Bowl.

They were given no chance against a team that looked like the second coming of Bart Starr's Packers.

But Coughlin coached a Super Bowl winning performance that was arguably the greatest upset in the storied game's history.

If Mike McCarthy wins tomorrow it won't be such a shock. But making it to the big game with the slew of injuries he had plus the playoffs on the road was a mighty performance too.

And with the Rooney family on the other sideline, the greatest owners in sport, Irish eyes will be smiling one way or the other.