Everett Golson

It is hard to believe that Brian Kelly still seems determined to start Everett Golson at quarterback and leave Tommy Rees on the bench after the Michigan victory.

Kelly told NBC right after the 14 to 7 victory that Golson was his starter despite now having pulled him twice in four games because he was ineffective.

In comparison Rees has done nothing wrong whatsoever, setting up the winning field goal against Purdue and reviving a moribund Irish offense, which had looked out of synch with Golson running it.

Golson has yet to show that explosive Denard Robinson running ability we were told he had. He has yet to show he can master a spread offense, and he has yet to show that he can be calm and cool under pressure.

Kelly has ended up in a strange place. He is considered an offensive genius yet it is his defense, which is winning games while his offense sputters.

Holding Michigan to just six points, winning six turnovers and preventing Denard Robinson from running amok were all stellar achievements.

Manti T’eo has played himself into Heisman consideration in my opinion with his performance yet again. If there is a better linebacker in college football, or all round athlete I have yet to see him.

Kelly needs to move to Rees and give him back the job. He deserves it pure and simple and the team obviously responds to him.

Golson just does not seem to have it at present and may never have. Kelly is risking a great season by keeping him under center.