McGuigan will be honored next Tuesday with the United Nations Inspiration Award for Peace. He is receiving the award in recognition of his contribution to peace in Northern Ireland.

Speaking about the accolade he said, “It means a great deal to me to receive an award like this. I have seen with my own eyes the terrible cost of the conflict in Ulster. We have come a long way since my fighting days. Belfast is a beautiful, vibrant city once more. Everybody benefits from peace and prosperity.”

McGuigan retired after a prolific career at the age of 28. His most recent victory came when he won the top prize on the British reality cooking show Hell’s Kitchen. Following in his father’s footsteps his son Shane has already three amateur titles under his belt.

Earlier this year McGuigan announced he was talking on the world of promoting. At the time he said it was a natural progression. "I can relate to fighters, having been there myself. I do not want to offend promoters already out there by claiming that I can have the type of relationship with fighters that they can't," he told the Telegraph.

"I do believe that I can impart advice to them and get them to believe in themselves and to work better. I have my own system and methodology. They will latch on to that," he added.

Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan is being awarded with the United Nations Inspiration Award for Peace.