Tony and Linda Sutherland will be guests of Ryan Tubridy on RTE’s The Late Late Show tonight to talk of the recent death of their Olympic bronze medal winning son Darren, who took his own life in London on September 14.

The parents of the talented fighter had vowed earlier in the week to appear on Irish television to give their side of the story.

A close family friend, Olive Murphy, told the Irish Independent why the grieving parents wanted to speak about their son in public.

"Tony wants to speak from the heart and he wants to let people know what kind of person Darren really was. They want to tell their son's story."

The family are also somewhat aggrieved over comments made by Darren’s trainer Brian Lawrence in the immediate days following his death, and also question why it took Frank Maloney, or his representatives, four hours to contact them after the discovery of Darren’s body.

Frank Maloney did not attend the funeral of Darren Sutherland as he was unable to travel after suffering a minor heart attack a few days before the death of his fighter. 

The boxing promoter was admitted to hospital in the hours after discovering Sutherland’s body. The family also dispute comments made by Darren’s trainer Brian Lawrence that the 4-0 super middleweight was suffering from depression.