Tony Sutherland senior has denied his son Darren, an Olympic bronze medalist,  was depressed in the period before he killed himself in his London flat.

Speaking on the Late Late Show in Dublin, Sutherland senior stated that a list of things his son was to do the following day were on the table in the flat in London where he died.

He also said that his son had been in good form during a trip to Ireland shortly before he died . He had given a pep talk to the Mayo Gaelic football team and had been in great spirits. When he found out that Mayo’s opponents in the game were his own native county of Meath, he laughed long and hard with his dad.

But Tony Sutherland stated that  he realized something was up when his son injured his eye in a recent fight, and told his father he was glad that he had to pull out of another fight he was scheduled to box in. The father said that was very unlike him not to be looking forward to a fight.

Sutherland stated he was especially distraught that no one told them of the death of their son for hours after he had been found dead by his manager Frank Moloney. He stated they received "no call” from anybody.

He said they were also deeply upset that the body had been held for a post mortem, and that they were unable to bring it back to Ireland immediately.

At one point host Ryan Tubridy stopped the conversation because of possible legal implications, leading to speculation that a lawsuit from the Sutherland family might be in the offing .