Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni has exploded with rage after the latest criticism of his managerial style ahead of the European Championships.

The Italian had reacted furiously to those who have criticised how he dropped Kevin Foley from his Euro 2012 squad after naming him in the official party.

Pundits Eamon Dunphy and Johnny Giles have both lashed Trapattoni for swapping Paul McShane for Foley at the last minute.

Foley himself has even said he was ‘betrayed’ by Trapattoni and vowed never to play for Ireland again as long as the Italian is in charge.

Now Trapattoni, speaking at a training camp in Italy before the team move to Budapest for

Monday’s friendly against Hungary, has fired a broadside back at the critics.

The 73-year-old lost his cool after repeated questions about the Foley axe and the media reaction to it.

“I was betrayed, we are not idiots,” insisted Trapattoni in response to Foley’s comments.

“I have already explained to you why I chose between two players with different characteristics. I don’t have anything else to add.

“We speak about the training. We speak about what we can do again. The team is happy and playing well.

“I don’t wish to speak again about this situation. Finished, finished, finished.”

When asked specifically about Foley’s use of the word ‘betrayed’ Trapattoni told the Irish Sun: “I was betrayed also.

“But I ask you, is Paul McShane an Irish player or a foreign player?

“I called in another Irish player, so I don’t see the problem. I also clarified why. For the position, for the position.

“The position is for defender, it is clear. I didn’t call a striker or a winger. I am finished with this question.”

Trapattoni also made reference to the squad problems that have beset his Italian counterpart Cesare Prandelli who has also had to make changes in personnel.

Trap said: “You have to think that 50km from here, there is another national team.

“They have 32 players. Think about the nine players that will go home. The situation) is gone.

“We have a responsibility to the team and with the country. We are professional, we are not idiots, not idiots.

“It is the same. To decide one or two or four is the same. They would all be disappointed.

“I have already explained to you in Italy many years ago that seven went home and seven were disappointed.”

Asked about Foley’s threat not to play for him again, Trapattoni said: “He knows my opinion.  We will let him stay quiet and think about what he will do. It’s no problem.”

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