The state trooper who rescued Rory McIlroy’s Ryder Cup is an Irish American who was more than happy to help the European cause - and now he's known as the Ryder Cop.

Patrick Rollins drove McIlroy to the course at Medinah with just minutes to spare after the Irishman got his time zones mixed up in Chicago.

The FBI trained Rollins is the deputy police chief for the Lombard area of Chicago.

He covered the 12 mile journey to the course from McIlroy’s hotel in just 10 minutes and got him there just in time for his match against Keegan Bradley.

The 50-year-old Rollins told the Irish Sun: “I was at the hotel and asked if all the players had left for the course. No one had seenRory, so we panicked. Someone found him, so we met him outside his room, brought him to the lobby and drove him to the course.

“He was a bit nervous but I would have been if I was in his shoes. He was caught off guard.

“I’m getting ribbed from both sides but I’m proud of doing the right thing.

“It would have been the same for the Americans. We have been getting them around all week but this was an event which turned into an incident.”

Rollins then laughed: “The Ryder Cup should be settled on the course - not in traffic!

“Some of my colleagues have said we shouldn’t have taken him and the United States might have won the Ryder Cup.

“But the competition was on the course - not in the traffic around Medinah Country Club.

“We would have done the same for any American or European player, though I must admit it was extra-special that he is the world No 1.

“I am a big golf fan and knew who he was. It was a great event and an exciting event. I am just glad I could play my small part.”

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