Gear up for the Olympiad XXX with a test of your Irish Olympics Knowledge.

Over 60 Irish athletes will be in London starting later this month proudly representing the Emerald Isle in this year’s 2012 Olympics with hopes to bring home some medals. (Preferably gold) But why should the runners and boxers and swimmers have all the fun? IrishCentral is giving you, the Irish Olympic Fan, a chance to go for the gold yourself in this elite test of Irish Olympic Trivia Knowledge. Good Luck.

1) Which Irish Olympian in 1928 is recognized as the first to be awarded a gold medal representing the Irish Free State?

a) John McNally
b) Ronnie Delaney
c) Pat O’Callaghan
d) Jim McNally

2) For which sport was the first Irish gold medal awarded?

a) Boxing
b) 400 meters
c) Hammer Throw
d) Swimming

3) How many medals has Ireland amassed in its Olympic History?

a) 10
b) 23
c) 29
d) 43

4) By winning 4 medals (three gold) in swimming in 1994 in Atlanta this Irish athlete is considered one of the country’s all-time greats?

a) Sonia O’Sullivan
b) Michelle Smith
c) Catherina McKiernan
d) Maeve Kyle

5) Ireland won an all-time high of five total medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 bronze) in which Olympics?

a) 2008 Beijing
b) 1996 Atlanta
c) 1932 Los Angeles
d) 1956 Melborne/Stockholm

6) Which Irish boxer was awarded the bronze in 2008 Bejing?

a) Paddy Barnes
b) Kenny Egan
c) Michael Carruth
d) Darren Sutherland

7) Belfast native Lisa Kearney will represent Ireland for the very first time in 2012 in which sport?

a) Archery
b) Judo
c) Pentathlon
d) Equestrian

8) In Athens 2004, Irishman Cian O’Connor lost his gold medal in show jumping medal after his horse tested positive for banned substances?

a) True
b) False

9) Who is the first Irish athlete to compete in five Olympic games and one of two to win a medal in Sailing?

a) James Wilkonson
b) David Wilkins
c) Thomas Chamney
d) John Treacy

10) Derek Burnett will represent Ireland for his fourth Olympics for which sport?

a) Shooting
b) Canoeing
c) Triathlon
d) Badminton

Answer Key: 1)C  2)C  3)B  4)B  5)D  6)D 7)B  8)A  9)B  10)A