Ireland’s golden girl Katie Taylor has some tough decisions facing her after her historic gold medal win at the London Olympics last week.

The Irish Independent reports that Taylor, who was part of a reception for Olympic athletes at the Farmleigh House on Wednesday, met with British and American boxing promoters to discuss the possibility of her turning professional.

Should she go professional, Taylor will forfeit the chance at competing in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 summer Olympics.

While Taylor’s father and coach Peter Taylor has repeatedly indicated that he would like to see his champion daughter retire from boxing, Katie has said she has no desire to quit just yet.

With Katie’s wishes in mind, her father said, "Obviously we'd love to carry on boxing amateur. We love amateur boxing. Professional boxing will have new challenges as well so there's a lot of things to consider now. It's not about money. It's about challenges at the moment.”

"We have talks tomorrow,” added Katie’s father, “we'll see where that leads to. There's nothing concrete yet."

Katie’s father also went on to draw attention to the fact that funding is needed for the sport. "If you can't train full time, you're never going to be able to compete. You need money to be able to sustain an athlete's lifestyle.

He went on, "It is a little bit about money as well. That's why we're talking to the professional promoters as well. We'd love to stay for Rio de Janeiro, that would obviously be the preference."

Taoiseach Enda Kenny also offered his views in regards to funding for athletics in Ireland. "I see in the time ahead (the) usual calls that we need another €50m or €100m. It's not all about money. What we've got to do is recognise, and put in place, a strategy that will identify potential in our schools at an early time."

The Taoiseach added that the Olympics serve as "a very special occasion in the sporting life of our country.”

Katie and her family are headed for a very well deserved 10-day holiday starting on Monday where they will further discusses the Olympian’s future options.

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