Ireland soccer captain Robbie Keane is in deep trouble with his club boss at Tottenham Hotspur after arranging a secret Christmas party for 16 players in Dublin last week. Keane may now be let go by the club where he has been struggling in recent times.

The players told manager Harry Redknapp they were going to Dublin for a golf outing but instead they went to a pub and later a nightclub. A few days later the club lost a game against Wolverhampton Wanderers that they were expected to win.
Redknapp stated he was deeply unhappy about the episode and that the players would have to face the consequences.

“I don’t see why parties should happen in today’s football – they’re more trouble than they’re worth... Being sensible is part and parcel of being a footballer and you’re well paid for it.

“I’m a football manager. I wouldn’t go out and get drunk, falling around and pulling some old slag. I’m not that stupid. Even if you wanted to do it, somebody would catch you out.

Tottenham Hotspur have earned a reputation as a hard partying team this year with several incidents reported but the Dublin trip is the most serious yet. Redknapp will now institute disciplinary proceedings against the team members who broke the club rules against Christmas parties.