Ireland soccer coach Giovanni Trapattoni is keen to explore the possibility of signing potential new recruits from the U.S.
To get things underway Trapattoni has reportedly asked the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) to organize a training camp in the U.S. next summer.

The Irish soccer head first became interested in the U.S. when a close friend suggested the wider Irish diaspora could provide some more talented new players.

"America, I like," Trapattoni told the press this week. "It would be important for us and the organization. Ten days with the group, with the players. Not the seniors, but with a young team. Maybe we can have friendly games, but it depends on getting the time."

"We have friends in America who've said: "Do you know how many people, the father or grandfather are Irish. I said to them two months ago, 'give me the list.'"

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