Ireland’s national cricket side almost pulled off the impossible by narrowly losing to Australia at Dublin.

Ireland’s little-known though up-and-coming cricket side have pulled off some unexpected victories in the past, such as against Zimbabwe, New Zealand and the West Indies. However, they failed to maintain the promising momentum they showed against much of the test against Australia.

Ireland were 33 without loss after three overs and 50 after seven as the team looked to be edging towards what few pundits would have predicted, but a poor finish ultimately gave what would have been a shock victory away.

Australia’s fielding was fairly all over the place, though they did regain some of their famous accuracy as the play went on, while Ireland showed some fast and accurate bowling that must have left the Aussies impressed and a little surprised.

The performance, though not what Ireland would have been hoping for, nevertheless was likely to serve the international community with further notice of Ireland’s upcoming cricketing prowess and proves once more that their a viable force on the international scene.

There are currently about 20,000 registered cricket players in Ireland with the national association aiming to increase that number to 50,000. Increased financial backing and facilities for top level players is encouraging more to not abandon their country in favour of more notable cricketing realms and is upping the game of the national side.

Trent Johnston of the Irish cricket team