Dayne Crist out for the season, Armando Allen also gone, Kyle Rudolph out until next year, likely Theo Riddick too. Michael Floyd playing injured.

Can anything else go wrong for the Fighting Irish?

Yes,actually, they could lose all three of their final games quite easily.

They will be underdogs against USC and Utah.

The Army wishbone offense will cause them the same trouble that got them whipped against Navy.

How does 4-8 sound to you?

Awful right?

But it more likely than 7-5 which is the other extreme.

And with injuries to key players Brian Kelly needs to be paying lots of trips to the grotto.

Hail Marys would be the operative prayer.

But we will see what this coach and team are made out of in the coming weeks.

Right now the death of young Declan Sullivan has cast a huge pall over the season,

On strictly football matters, the loss to Tulsa has raised huge questions about Brian Kelly's judgement.

Not going for the wining field goal with the best kicker in college football remains a very curious decision.

He needs to show he is the real thing at Notre Dame sooner rather than later now.

A win against Army and a defeat of either Utah or USC would salvage something.

Let's hope they can pull it out.