Incoming Dublin boss Jim Gavin will look to his military background in his new role with the Leinster champions.

A former pilot with the Irish Air Corps, Gavin is keen to build a team bond and unit within the camp.

Speaking after his election, All-Ireland winner Gavin said, “My goal is to create a team which is imbued with an ethic which puts winning for the team and the county ahead of individual glory.

“I want a team that will accept patterns of play and tactics which are designed to support the team rather than inconvenience the player, and to build a team that has a strong awareness of the traditions and the values of Dublin football.

“The goal for me is to create an environment within Dublin football where I can get the best players and to get a group of players that will have an ethos of hard work, of commitment and sacrifice.

“That we can drive and get a consistent performance from those players. And if we can do that, I’m sure the results will follow.”

Asked about his team’s style of play, Gavin added, “Well, it’s a clean slate. In terms of how the team will play, well Dublin weren’t that far off the mark this year.

“On the day they were beaten by a better team, but it was just on the day. I think they showed a great resolve in the second half to come back against Mayo. But yeah, I’m going to put my own stamp on it.

“I would see teams that play with humility, I’ll expect that from them. I’ll expect a disciplined approach, both on and off the field. I’ll expect the players will play with passion, but with discipline and respect for all officials and I’ll expect them to go out there and express themselves.

“That’s what I particularly enjoyed when I played under managers, to be given that opportunity to express yourself as a footballer in a particular system, be it either defensively or on the attack.”

Mick Deegan, Declan Darcy, Martin Kennedy and Shane O’Hanlon will work as selectors with Gavin.

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