PHOTOS: Zenyatta

Oprah has called her “One of ten women rocking the world”, and some believe her power stems from her love of Guinness but this weekend marks the final race in an epic career for the female thoroughbred.

Zenyatta is a six year old thoroughbred who has taken the racing world by storm having yet to lose a race. She has raced in 19 races and has won 19 races and she will try for her 20th victory in the Breeders Cup Classic this coming Saturday.

But what is the secret to her perfect winning streak? Some insist it's her favorite tipple of a pint of Guinness after an arduous training session.

Trainer Joe Shirreffs told “60 Minutes”: “ We give her oats, we add a little bit of aloe vera juice and then if she has been really good then i giver her a Guinness”

“I've tried other beers but she wont do it, she won’t accept it. It's got to be the stout!,” he added.

The U.S. mare will be racing for the last time this weekend and her trainer is positive that will retire with a perfect winning streak.

Bought at an auction when she was one year old for $60,000, since her career began she has won more than six million dollars.

Owned by Jerry and Ann Moss of A&M records, last year she was the first female thoroughbred to win the Breeder's Cup.

With a crowd pleasing style, Zenyatta likes to drop back during the opening stretch of the race, but before you know it she starts powering ahead and takes over every other horse in the race.

The only mare in the race, she will be the oldest contestant at this years Breeder's Cup Classic. The biggest prize in the country, if Zenyatta wins this Saturday she will take home another three million dollars.

Her jockey Mike Smith told “60 minutes” he has every confidence in her ability and that she is destined to go down in history books.

“I think she could arguably go down as if not the greatest one of the greatest horses of all time.”