A twenty-six year old Waterford Crystal trophy was shattered over the weekend while on display at University of Alabama. The trophy, won after the Crimson Tide went to victory in the BCS, is valued at a staggering $30,000.

USA Today reports on the untimely end of the The AFCA Coaches Trophy which was first presented in 1986. While the Waterford Crystal trophy was on display at a function for the team, the father of a current player tripped over some rug at the trophy’s display, knocking the trophy to shards. Officials aren’t releasing the name of the man.

While Alabama is still exploring its options of replacing the now iconic trophy, similar incidents at other universities show that someone may have to be handing over some cash. In 2006, Florida’s crystal football was accidentally shattered by a recruit who ended up playing for archrival Georgia. Florida had to pay $4,000 to replace the trophy which was insured for $8,000.

Surprisingly, there is a four page handbook on the caring and keeping of the Waterford Crystal trophy. Included in the booklet is “The trophy may not be shown to be broken or shattered, even in simulation,” and “The crystal ball may not be shown being dropped, thrown in the air or rolled on the ground."