What is going on? There was a time, not long ago, when the mere mention of the name Tom Brady caused other quarterbacks to shudder. It was a name that made grown coaches cry. But that time may be at an end.

When the Patriots came to town, other team supporters practically wore black arm bands. At the least you could prepare for an epic drubbing. As soon as their young Apollo took to the field you could anticipate being dazzled by his superior sportsmanship.

The New England boys can still pack quite a punch, there's no doubt, but these days it looks like they're saving their thunder for their home games. Let's face it, Brady and the Patriots have lost four of the past five starts in South Florida. In fact, the Patriots have lost seven of their last eight games as a road team.

What gives? Has the unthinkable really happened? Has Tom Brady lost his mojo?