"My goal is to win a gold medal," she told News 9 in new Hampshire . "I'm not here to lose, that's for sure.

Her coach since childhood, Nick Preston, thinks she will make it this time
"She has this tremendous drive, this world class athleticism, and she has a fire in her belly that burns brighter than any athlete I've ever coached," Preston said.

"When you know that something is right, you can just feel it, and that's how I feel when I'm skiing moguls," Kearney said. "That's when I feel the most confident and comfortable with myself, is when I'm skiing moguls. I just feel cool, and that's when you know you're doing the right thing."

Kearney, started skiing at age 2, and is confident these are her games ."This is what I've been working for," she said. "It's go time, and I'm ready. I don't feel nervous. I feel confident."

"She will bring it to the hill, and that will be something, I think, for all of us to behold and for our country to be very, very proud of," Preston told the New Hampshire media .