The FC Greater Boston Bolts recently announced their entire club was getting a makeover. At a meeting of club supporters, the Bolts unveiled a new logo, and a new name. From now on, the organization will now be known as the FC Bolts Celtic.

The new look is aimed at emphasizing the club's global outreach efforts. Recently the Bolts have partnered with other clubs and established more of their own in order to strengthen club's relationship with larger soccer community.

 “Over the last few years, the club’s superb reputation has continued to spread both domestically and internationally,” Scott Burke, Bolts President said. “The organization has established affiliations with the Bayside Bolts in Rhode Island, recently announced the establishment of the FC Londonderry Bolts in New Hampshire, and of course, last year announced our partnership with Celtic FC, the premier soccer club in Glasgow, Scotland.”

“Our goal here is to give Bolts players training opportunities with some of the top international coaches in the world, and to give our elite players consideration for playing professionally for Celtic FC,” Brian Ainscough, Director of Coaching said. “We believe this is an extraordinary opportunity for our players and one that sets us apart.”

The name change will certainly strengthen their ties with their affiliate across the Atlantic, but the club’s ambitions do not stop there.

“The Bolts' goal is to continue to expand strategically, providing an opportunity for top players in New England to become part of the Bolts organization,” Burke said.

Though the makeover and strengthened association with Celtic FC could mean changes within the club, the Bolts maintain their program will be very similar to the old regime.

“We believe that our new name and logo reflect all the exciting developments going on within the club,” said Bolts CEO Elliott Pratt. “Our Bolts players and families should rest assured that our new look does not mean any change to our mission, administration, or operations. It is just the beginning of our next 25 exciting years of soccer!”

The Bolts International Summer Soccer School with Celtic FC is on the horizon. The first week, June 30-August 3, is open to current Bolts players and is boys only. The second week, August 6-10 is open to Bolts and non-Bolts alike (boys and girls).

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