Rory McIlroy says he now considers Rafael Nadal, not Tiger Woods, his sports icon after recent revelations about Tiger.

"I am sure Tiger regrets everything he did," he said.

"I expect Rooney will as well. (English soccer player Wayne Rooney was recently caught with two prostitutes.- IC) Whatever they were doing, I suppose they thought they’d never get found out but I don’t see how men with such a massive image could think like that," he told the Daily Mail.

"I don’t mean to take the moral high ground, but it’s amazing how many people in the spotlight can act with such naivety. Even if you think there is no one around, it shows there’s always someone watching or prepared to tell if you step out of line.

"Anyone with a mobile phone can take your picture and post it on the internet in minutes. You have to think about your actions all the time. Others have made mistakes before Tiger, but his fame meant he was on the front page of every newspaper in the world. He’d portrayed such a clean-cut image for so long as well."

McIlroy says Rafael Nadal is a much better model.

"I couldn’t believe how modest he is after all the success he’s had and all the money he has won.

"He still lives in the same village in Majorca where he grew up, and he is still going out with the same girlfriend he has been with for years. He’s a great role model for me.

"There are things in his demeanour I’d love to have — his never-say-die attitude, his willingness to fight for every point."