Research conducted by Ireland’s tourism authority Failte Ireland recently found that a tourist who golfs is about three times more valuable than the average tourist in Ireland.

The Irish Times
reports that Failte Ireland determined the average total revenue from golfing tourists to Ireland to be about €204 million a year. Amárach Research, who conducted the study for Failte Ireland, found that golf tourism helps to support some 7,300 jobs across Ireland.

During its annual briefing in Limerick yesterday, Failte Ireland’s golf forum found that tourists who play golf that come from England or the United States have an overwhelmingly good opinion of the value of money in Ireland for golfing. Based on 750 golfers opinions gathered last year, 84 percent of British golfers found there to be “very good, or fairly good, value for money,” while 87 percent of mainland Europeans shared the same sentiment. American visitors were found to have the highest overall satisfaction with their Irish golf trips.



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There was an average of four rounds of golf played, as determined from the 750 overseas visitors. Golfers were also found to be more likely to make a return visit than other non-golf playing visitors; 79 percent of the 750 polled were on a repeat visit.

Last year, Failte Ireland introduced a new online search function that allowed golfers to book their tee-time in real time, reports the Irish Times.

Failte Ireland said that they will continue to invest heavily in golf tourism and will continue to have three-time majors winner and Irish born Padraig Harrington to be the face of the focus of the effort.


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