Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen has been waxing lyrically about giving birth to her and Tom's son Benji.

Bundchen said that giving birth was “the most intense and life-changing experience of my life.”

“It was amazing to experience my body become free to do what it was made to do,” she wrote. “To give life to another being, what a gift!”

“When he finally was placed into my arms, I looked into his precious eyes and felt an overwhelming, unconditional love,” Giselle wrote.

“I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. We did it! We did it together! He and I. I never felt so complete and empowered in my life.”

Gisele sees to be a real model mom.

She celebrated International Women’s Day March 8 with a blog post titled "Gift of Life," which paid tribute (in Portuguese) to motherhood and her own mother, who she described as her hero.

“I grew up witnessing my mother always trying her best at doing all she could for the six of us girls,” she said.

“She is the reason why I believe that a woman is the core of a family. I can only hope to be for my kids what she will always be for us: Our Rock.”