The Best family is reportedly embroiled in a dispute over what to do with the flag that covered George Best’s coffin at his funeral.

His brother, Ian, reportedly plans to sell the flag at auction, but this idea hasn’t gone down well with the other members of the Best family who have described the brother’s plan as “macabre” and “desperate”.

It’s been rumored that the money hungry brother is expecting to get upwards of £6,000 for the flag.

Best’s sister, Barbara McNarry, who co-founded the George Best Foundation, is the first member of the Best family to go public with her objection to the sale.

One of George Best’s closest pals Malcolm Wagner, 65, said: "I feel this is macabre, odd and not very nice. If the flag should go anywhere it should be the Manchester United museum or the George Best Foundation.

"The boy's only been dead five years. This is like selling the clothes he was wearing when he was buried. His sister Barbara and her husband Norman, who was friends with George too, also find this very upsetting."

The brother has insisted that the flag was given to him.

Originally a courier van driver had gotten his hands on the flag and planned to sell it but Ian insisted that the flag belonged to him. He now plans to see it himself.

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