Northern Ireland soccer legend George Best’s European Cup winner’s medal has sold for $226,750 at an auction in held by the executors of his estate at Bonhams in Chester.

Best won the medal while playing for Manchester United, in 1968, with a 4-1 win over the Portuguese club, Benifica.

The medal was one of 13 awards Best won during his career. The $248,263 paid for the medal will go Best’s sister, Barbara McNally.

Best once had a replica of the medal, made by the Professional Footballer’s Association, after he misplaced the original. The replica medal fetched $14,269.

In 2002 the recovering alcoholic won a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award. It was sold for $12,287. His 2000 Belfast Telegraph Hall of Fame award went for $6,300

Also sold was the 2000 International Hall of Champions award and the Freedom of Castlereagh award. From private memorabilia collectors came a limited edition George Best Faberge egg commemorating his part in the 1968 cup final and the last shirt worn by Best for Northern Ireland while a Manchester United player on November 14, 1973.