Ireland’s biggest sporting organisation, the GAA, is to make its games available to fans around the world on satellite and internet next year.

The association’s chief executive Paraic Duffy told the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin that the association is close to a new broadcasting deal that will revolutionise the sport.

Duffy told delegates of the revolutionary move at a panel discussion on the Ireland-US relationship in Dublin Castle.

He stopped short of outlining how it would work.

The move will be welcomed by the Diaspora as emigration from Ireland continues to rise.

Duffy revealed that the GAA is in the midst of negotiating new contracts for TV media rights and said an announcement would be made soon.

He said: “As from next year on, our major games will be available, we hope, all over the world. That’s the target for us.” he said.

American Ireland Fund chair Loretta Brennan Glucksman also told the delegates that Irish culture needs to be supported - and also exploited.

She said: “It is the glue that binds us but we must put an economic component upon that valuable component.

“We can’t just take it for granted. We need to nurture it and support it in a very grubby, financial way. And I think the days are long gone when artists wouldn’t sully their hands with money. Get over yourself.

“We have to look at it as an economic component.”