U2 came, saw and conquered at Giants Stadium on Thursday night and sent the 80,000 plus crowd home happy - well, 99.9 percent of them!

For over two hours the four men from Dublin swept the crowd along with hits new and old and a stage show that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

However, at the end of the gig, the first and only jeer of the night came when Bono inadvertently dissed the New York Jets football team, who share Giants Stadium with the New York Giants.

After announcing to the crowd that U2 had just broken the record attendance for the venue, Bono went on to apologize to Bruce Springsteen for doing so, and paid homage to a venue (Giants Stadium is being razed to the ground next year) where, he said, the band had enjoyed some great memories.

The singer then paid his respects to all the acts that had performed at the stadium and celebrated all the other things that were done there by . . . The Giants, as the quartet proceeded to take a final bow.

Almost in one, if you'll pardon the pun, every U2 fan who bleeds the green and white of the Jets started booing that the lead man of the world's biggest rock band didn't give the Gang Green their due respect.

Just remember Bono, they still love you, but just don't diss the Jets, even if you did it by accident, in their own house.

Maybe you could show them some love when U2 performs as guests on "Saturday Night Live!" this weekend.

Come Bono, as you say one love man! One life! Give a shout out for the Jets this Saturday night!