Give me a “T”. Give me a “W”. Give me an “I”, two “T”s and an “E” and a “R”. What’s that spell? Notre Dame's 21st century way of connecting to fans. Or Twitter.

Devout fans of the 26 fencing, rowing, and cross country programs will no longer be left in the dark by subscribing to the school’s Twitter account. (

Fighting Irish basketball junkies can follow their hoops team on their own account.(

Football fans can now receive breaking news and up-to-the-second updates on their favorite Irish college football team. These Tweets (Twitter messages) are provided by the face of Notre Dame football himself, Charlie Weis. And he is not taking this new technology lightly. (

On May 13, coach Weis logged into Twitter four times with tweets that ran the gamut from technical “football speak”..

        “This preparation is different than preparation for Nevada for two reasons. Offensively, Michigan is in year two of a new system. his life outside of the sport.

        “Good morning! Late night last night; went to see fellow New Jerseyite Bruce Springsteen in Chicago”

Coach Weis is on the “proverbial hot seat”, coming of a dismal 7-6 2008 season. He may be better served this year to spend more time tweaking plays than twittering.

Who knows? This time next year we may be following Weis’ tweets in his quest to land a new head coaching job.