Video replay.

Two words that have come back to haunt FIFA, the international body who runs soccer.

Because of the lack of it France are in the World Cup championship and Ireland are out.

Thierry Henry handled the ball, plain and simple, plain as a pikestaff, plain as the nose on your mother's face, as the sun in the morning in the Sahara as the butter on your toast, the tea bag in your tea, the button on your belly.

The only one who missed it was the referee from Sweden Martin Hannson. Hannson is what Hannson does. In this case he showed the IQ of a turnip not a Swede.

Henry actually handled it twice. Watch the video replay. It is the most controversial goal in world football since Diego Maradonna's "Hand of God" goal defeated England in 1986.

The sight of the stricken Irish players vainly arguing with officials will be on Irish minds forever. After a display of class, gallantry and brilliance it all came down to being cheated out of their chance

Henry admitted straight after the game he handled it: "I will be honest, it was a handball. But
I’m not the ref. I played it. The ref allowed it. That’s a question you should ask him."

He broke the rules, broke the hearts of Irish people everywhere, broke the spirit and rules of the glorious game and got to the World Cup finals by cheating.

The French don't have the best international reputation to begin with. Now they have sullied their name even more. In the name of sportsmanship they should play the game again at a neutral venue.

Thierry Henry was once one of the most admired men in football. After this his name will be synonymous with cheating, with being a con man, a charlatan, a crook, a carbuncle on the face of sportsmanship, a pocket of pus on the glorious game.

It this was tennis, American football, cricket, rugby, baseball, any other major sport, the goal would have been disallowed and Henry would have been sent off or at least yellow carded for unsportsmanlike conduct.

If the French have any class they won't play him in the World Cup. If Fifa have any class they will order the game replayed.

Some hope. Especially with Frenchman Michel Platini as the head of EUFA the European governing body. He is so happy his team made it to the finals not by hook but by crook.

That crook was Thierry Henry. They say Henry is going to play with the New York Red Bulls when his career is over in France. I suggest he get on that plane now. It's over Henry.