When it comes to soccer I usually root strongest for U.S, then Ireland then against England.

Not this world cup.

Today I'm rooting for Uruguay.

Yes I can hardly spell the name and know very little except they won the first World Cup.

But they are playing the hated French today and anyone who beats the French is alright with me.

Les Cheats are in the World Cup because of the most blatant professional foul in the history of sport.

If FIFA had any cojones, they would be watching this World Cup from the Folies Bergere after Thierry Henry deliberately handled the ball in the Irish goalmouth and set up a fraudulent score.

The French barely apologized but if they progress in this World Cup they will give soccer a bad name for ever.

The Beautiful Game, which came alive again today after the first match between Mexico and South Africa, deserves better.

So don't Allez France, say no to frog football-- even if they are playing England.

Go Urugway