The former NFL and Notre Dame star, Corwin Brown is facing one count of class B felony criminal confinement, one count of class c felony criminal confinement, and one count of D domestic Battery. He received these charges on Tuesday as a result of domestic abuse incident that devolved into a stand off between Brown and the police on Friday.

That morning the Browns had a heated argument at home. Later on that day the cops received a 911 call from his wife, Melissa, who reported that Brown was choking her neck and threatening to burn her clothing. As she tried to escape the house he forced his wife back inside, banging her head on the door frame in the process.  The situation quickly escalated as the couple fought over a pistol and a shot was heard. At that moment she managed to vacate the premises.

The police then surrounded the residence which led to the standoff with Brown. After failed negations and three more discharges he emerged from his home with a gunshot wound to his torso.

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This incident was the boiling point for the family as Melissa described her husband, to the Detroit News, as “not trusting, suspicious, distant, gloomy, exhausted and depressed” after returning home after an 8 year career.”

The family believes the former Fighting Irish standout’s ill behavior and actions can be traced to football-related head trauma.

"We believe Corwin is suffering from symptoms similar to those experienced by the late Dave Duerson and were caused by the many notable collisions during Corwin's career in the NFL," the family said. "For those reasons, Corwin chose to not disclose his symptoms, as he did not want to bring shame to any coach, team, organization or the NFL.

Dave Duerson is an NFL pro football player who suffered 10 concussions over the course of his 11 seasons in the league. After committing suicide at the age of 50 his brain was donated for study to the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy. There it was determined that Duerson had “moderately advanced” brain damage” or chronic traumatic encephalopathy related to football injuries.

Today Brown is believed to be in a secure facility receiving treatment. His bail is set at $50,000.


Former Notre Dame coach Corwin Brown faces felony charges