Though his grandfather lit up the golf fairways of the world in a glittering career that saw him bag 18 majors, grandson Nick is setting out on his path to blaze a trail in the football world.

O'Leary is a junior at Dwyer High in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla and is carving out a reputation for himself as a tight end of some ability.  Grandfather Jack is delighted at this progress and proud of his achievements to day.

"Nick is such a natural (athlete)," the golfing legend told Rivals High. "From the time that kid was 5-6 years old - if they put him in the outfield in baseball, at the crack of the bat he would be on it.

"You don't teach somebody that. In football, if he can touch it, he catches it. If the ball is in the air, he's going to be the first one there."

The 215 pound six-foot four tight end has received communication from several colleges already, even though he will not graduate until 2011. Nick, whose Dad played football for Georgia has his sights set firmly on the season at hand. "I'm hoping for a state championship," he told Rivals High. "I know we have the talent, we have the guys, I'm just hoping for a state championship. We just have to keep working for it."