The Irish FA has announced that it has landed a $9.8 million sponsorship deal with Irish telecoms giant 3. The marketing, sponsorship and promotions arrangement is for four years.
Under the terms of the newly reached arrangement, 3 will become the primary sponsor of the Republic of Ireland team and all international squads.
The deal officially begins on August 11. In addition to promoting and sponsoring the national team, the company will also be involved in sponsoring and promoting football at grass-roots level, hoping to push emerging talent along. A longstanding concern of Irish football has been the drain of talent going to England, who traditionally chooses to play there because of the far superior clubs and pay.
Customers of 3 will also be given privileged access to tickets as well as a host of other initiatives details of which will be announced at a later date.
FAI Chief John Delaney said he was pleased with the new arrangement, saying that “3 is a new and dynamic brand in Ireland and their determination and drive will bring fresh energy and focus to the partnership.
“The agreement comes at a very significant time for Irish football and I look forward to seeing both sides enjoying success on and off the pitch,” he continued
“This is significant sponsorship which is structured to reach out as never before to engage with grassroots football and all the strands of the game that we represent. It is a significant investment in the future of Irish football, particularly in light of the current economic climate.
“By coming on board at such an exciting time for Irish football, we look forward to a very beneficial partnership.”