In an effort to prevent further trouble at Airtricity League games up to 200 trouble makers have been banned from attending future soccer games.

Setting an example Shamrock Rovers football club, according to the Sunday Tribune, have banned 15 soccer fans from attending games after a highly publicized clash with Dundalk fans a few months ago.

Shamrock Rovers won the league last weekend.

A spokesperson for the club said they do "everything in our power [but] you can't ban people from away grounds. I think this is something that will have to be looked at with the FAI."

Other clubs are now wanting to follow suit.

Bohemians are also seeking to ban trouble makers and have put preventative measures in place to eradicate future clashes at their games.

They are planning to ban between 30 and 40 unruly fans.

Although the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) can't confirm the exact number of hooligans that they plan to ban from the games it is estimated to be between 100 and 200 people.

A spokesperson for Bohemians said it was unlikely that the FAI would know the exact numbers of hooligans that cause continuous trouble at games.

"I would think it unlikely but it's a small enough community so troublemakers would be known – someone approaching a ground would be known.

"I am not sure if the FAI even has a view on whether it's appropriate for an individual to be identified and banned. They leave that up to the clubs to regulate.

"It would be acknowledged by gardaí (Irish police) and others that we have effectively dealt with the hooligan problem we had and we have had very few incidents in the last two or three seasons that could be associated with ultra hooligan groups."

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