Want to get Donald Trump's attention? It's going to cost you.

According to the Scotsman, wealthy Palm Beach-based businessman John Scarpa has just pledged $100,000 to enjoy a round of golf at Menie in Scotland and a trip aboard Trump's private Boeing 757 jet. He made the bid  at a fund-raising dinner for the Palm Beach Police Foundation, which was held at the billionaire’s exclusive Mar-A-Lago club in Florida.

Scarpa, who is already a member at the Trump International Golf Club at Palm Beach, is an ardent admirer of the world's most famous birthedrand he revealed he plans to make the trip to Scotland with three of how closest friends.

Scarpa told the paper: 'Somehow Trump will figure out a way to win. I just hope the golf gods will be with me this time. But he’s a far better golfer than me.

'I will wait for Mr Trump to clear his schedule. As long we he will tolerate us we will stay.'

Scarpa, who is president of The Palm Beach Police Foundation, added: 'It’s the number one course in the world. I have not played on the course yet and that’s part of the excitement. He does things to perfection and that’s why his golf courses are so amazing.'

Sarah Malone, executive vice-president of Trump International Golf Links Scotland, said: 'Mr Scarpa's bid is fabulous and we're looking forward to welcoming him. The feedback from the States and further afield has been incredible – our bookings are substantially up on this time last year.'

Malone added: 'We had an outstanding first season that attracted a staggering level of coverage in the global golf press and media. The reviews and endorsement by acclaimed golfers, critics and raters is generating great excitement and increased demand to play the course. The North east of Scotland has become the hottest destination in golf, and we’re seeing a huge surge in interest from overseas tour operators and travel agent to bring people to Aberdeenshire.'

The tony fund raising ball was also attended by 70's pop star Rod Stewart who raised $55,000 by donating a trip from his Los Angeles home, on his private jet, to his Las Vegas show. The rock star’s wife, model Penny Lancaster, also threw in an afternoon tea and tour of their home, generating an extra $55,000 for the charity.

Donald Trump seen here at St Andrews on a visit to Scotland to promote his golfing schemeMurdo Macleod