Notre Dame will travel across the country to face their next opponent. Over out in Palo Alto, CA to be exact. They’ll be set (or try, at least) to take on the “we may seem scary but we’re not, just ask the CAL Bears” Cardinals of Stanford University.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about the (7-4) Cardinals:

After dominating two top-ten opponents in a row (Oregon, @ USC respectively), Stanford dropped last week’s rivalry game to California 34-28.

Running back Toby Gerhart could be the best rusher the Irish see all year. He’s an old school type who never gets arm tackled- something the Irish pride themselves with. Gerhart is a legitimate Heisman hopeful, has rushed for over 1,500 yards and leads the nation with 23 rush Tds.

Freshman QB Andrew Luck is also a stone-cold stud. He has senior leadership qualities and can make any throw. He’s the dude who went into the L.A. Coliseum and ushered the largest beating that USC has ever been dealt.

Stat that will have the Irish rushing to the bathroom: Stanford has scored 215 points in their last five ballgames. Don’t bother getting a calculator, that’s 43 points per game. Ouchh.

WR Chris Owusu is their return guy. He’s sixth in the nation in return yards (1,040) on only 34 attempts! That’s over 30 yards per return. You’re better off kicking the ball into the tenth row.

Stanford’s defense is vulnerable, like an Olympic swimming pool to Michael Phelps' butterfly stroke. They let up 25 points per game, a number the Irish might have to double if they want to win.

Stanford’s crowd is vicious. Not in the loud sense, though. More disrespectful if anything. They had the nerve to boo the great Tiger Woods during a halftime speech he was giving last weekend. Talk about class.