Hollywood star Charlize Theron has endeared herself to the entire Irish nation after selecting Ireland in the draw for the World Cup.

Shocked FIFA observers nearly fell over themselves when Theron plucked an "Ireland" ball out of the bowl in the dress rehearsal for Friday's draw.

"Ireland," she announced as FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke went pale in the face.

Theron, who is a big supporter of the Irish team, is no stranger to making her opinions heard.

She is refusing to marry long-time Irish boyfriend Stuart Townsend until gay marriage is legal.

Ireland of course were knocked out by France after a much disputed handball by Thierry Henry.

Now FIFA officials are concerned that she might repeat the stunt on Friday when she co-hosts the draw with Valcke.

Valcke confirmed the stunt drawing at press conference after the rehearsal. "Yes, she did, but it was only a joke," he said.