FIFA has revealed that the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) petitioned Sepp Blatter for a place at next year's World Cup.

The governing body confirmed the Irish request in a statement that read:

"The Football Association of Ireland today confirmed that it attended an hour and a half meeting, at its request, with Mr. Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA on Friday in Zurich.

"A lot was discussed at the meeting and at one stage the FAI asked if Ireland could be accommodated into the World Cup 2010.

"Other suggestions were also made to mitigate against further occurrences of such incidents, including the use of additional goal line assistant referees for FIFA international matches, further use of video technology for matches at the highest level, stronger provisions to discourage players from engaging in such blatant breaches of the Laws of the Game and provisions to strengthen referee selection for such important matches.''

FIFA will meet on Wednesday in an extraordinary general meeting to mull over options to combat those who go against the spirit of the game.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has hinted that while the controversy in the Ireland/France game will herald changes, the boys in green would not be added to the roster of teams for next summer's finals.

"Naturally they [Ireland] were unhappy with what happened and asked very humbly whether they could be team number 33," he said

"I will bring it to the attention of the executive committee but if we do that, we will also have to bring in Costa Rica," continued Blatter referring to an offside decsion that went against the Costa Ricans in their playoff game against Uruguay.