Dubliner Eoin Morgan captained England to their first Cricket World Cup victory as they defeated New Zealand in a super over after Sunday’s final at Lord’s in London was tied. 

Speaking with the trophy at his side at the post-match press conference, Rush native Morgan said, “This means absolutely everything. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey. I still can’t quite believe it, that’s why I’m carrying it around as much as I can.”

Born in Ireland where his father is from, Morgan's mother was English and from the age of 13, he knew that he wanted to play cricket for England, despite playing for Ireland at a youth level. 

"From the age of 13, I wanted to play cricket for England," he told the Sunday Times in 2010.

"I’ve never felt any shame in saying this is what I wanted to do. And the people at home involved in cricket, they were like, 'Fair play, it’s going to be unbelievable if you make it'. So I’ve never had any shame about this and my father’s never had any shame about it."

Morgan has proved himself to be a worthy captain both on and off the field with reports that he kept his team in check at they visited 10 Downing Street to celebrate their victory. 

“Look, guys, we’ve got to calm it,” he told them, according to The Daily Telegraph’s account of the reception.