The Jeremy Lin hype is starting to annoy me.

Hopefully, the bubble burst with the defeat by New Orleans, the worst team in basketball last night.

Lin himself seems insufferable especially with his playing for Jesus stuff reminding everyone of Tim Tebow, the most sanctimonious athlete alive.

An athlete's religious beliefs are his own business, but when Lin decided to spray them all over the media I draw the line.

How come we never see an athlete blaming God when their team loses?

That would be refreshing; "I'd like to blame God for making me miss that free throw that cost us the game"

Or was God not a Knicks fan when when they were seven games under 500.?

If there is a guy in the sky he may have better things to do than worry about the Knicks and their temporary savior.

I'm not trying to be disrespectful, just shut the f ..up and play, Jeremy.

And let your lay ups do the talking.