English fans burned an American flag outside Liverpool football ground last week.

It was in protest at American-born owners of Liverpool, but there was also a broader message as the U.S. prepare to face the English on Saturday in the World Cup.

I think they crossed a line however.

Burning a flag has a deep emotional context to Americans.

It is what mad mullahs in Iran do, its what Al Qaeda lunatics in Pakistan delight in doing.

It does not get done by English supporters or anyone else.

Or at least it shouldn't.

Nobody burns Old Glory with impunity

The picture of the burning is quite shocking to me.

Can this really be England, the home of democracy?

IS this what we can expect from their fans next Saturday?

I'm mad as hell and I hope U.S. fans everywhere are too.

Lets get down and dirty with the colonials.

We drove them out of America once, we can do it on the soccer field now.