Wait for the English referee Howard Webb to screw up at the World Cup final this year.

Not because he's English but because referees have been the bane of this World Cup.

There have been two different narratives throughout this World Cup.

The football has been magnificent but the officiating in many games abysmal.

While we have all been delighted with the standard of football and that the two best teams made the final, the refereeing has made the World Cup much more of a lottery than it should be.

Consider the 'goal' that the officials disallowed in the England/Germany game when the ball was a clear yard over the line.

Or the American goal disallowed against Slovenia when no one but the referee could see an infraction.

Or the offside goal for Holland that saw them through to the World Cup finals.

Because of video technology no other major sport has the opportunity for errors that soccer has.

With a few billion people watching tomorrow Howard Webb will have to be Superman to not slip up.

I believe he will at some point and it will be the focus of the game.

Why shouldn't the fourth official have access to a video replay system and call in the correct decision if the ball is dead anyway immediately after an offside goal.

Unfortunately FIFA remains in its ivory tower insisting they know best.

My guess is this final might finally reveal just how out of touch they are.