Martin Johnson has finally taken a step, albeit small and unintentional, towards redeeming himself in the eyes of the Irish people.

Johnson is despised by most Irish Rugby fans after disrespecting the President in Landsdowne Road a few seasons ago when Ireland faced off against England for a Grand Slam. Ireland lost that game and have no chance of winning the Grand Slam this season but England's victory over France today has put them right back in the running to challenge for the Six Nations Trophy.

After 3 games England are the only team left that can win a Grand Slam. Should they beat Scotland next week they will travel to Dublin facing Ireland looking for a Grand Slam.

Ireland would have already been determined to beat Scotland, Wales and England in order to pick up the Triple Crown but in reality that would have felt like a consolation prize. There should be no need for any motivational techniques from Declan Kidney now.

Nothing motivates professional athletes more than winning but snatching victory from your main rivals makes everything even sweeter.

The Six Nations just became interesting again for this Irish team, so make sure to check back tomorrow for a report on Ireland's clash with Scotland.

That game kicks off at 3.00pm GMT.